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What does the term Independent Living mean?

Independent living, similar to the terms aging in place and universal design, refers to living in your own home independent of outside assistance such as retirement communities. The intent of independent living is to modify your home so that it does not act as a barrier to but instead better helps to facilitate your everyday needs and routine.


Isn’t this service intended just for senior citizens?

Not at all. In fact, it is perfect for anybody of any age who exhibits limited mobility and/or limited sensory acuity. For example, we have assisted a middle aged client with multiple sclerosis by evening out entryway and doorway thresholds to ease the passage of our client’s limited foot movement and our client’s walker and wheelchair.

I currently have perfect health and am freely mobile. Why would I need to remodel my home?

Many of our potential customers exclaim that they are not yet to the age where they need our services. However, now is the time to make changes to your home so that it is ready for when you do need it. There is nothing worse than waiting until the very last minute when you suddenly need these home modifications to actually request them. These modifications cannot be made overnight. It is necessary to plan ahead.

Won’t my home appear industrial or hospital like if I implement these services?

Absolutely not. The products that are available these days to improve your home have been designed to look as unintrusive as can be. In the case of our easy-to-clean and low maintenance Sorrento Stone bathroom services product, your house will actually be made to look even more elegant and refined.

Why shouldn’t I just plan to move to a retirement community when I begin to need these services?

You have lived in your house for years. It is not just a house. It is your home. It’s always best to stay where you have grown comfortable, established close proximity to your family and friends, gotten to know your neighbors, and have become familiar with your direct surroundings and community. As we age, unfamiliar places make us feel increasingly uncomfortable. You have grown accustomed to your home. Home is where you belong, and we can help you stay there.


Won’t my home be in total disarray during the remodeling process? Is it even worth putting out the effort to modify my home if it will prove to be nothing more than a stressful hassle?

One of the things that we pride ourselves in most is our dedication to accommodate you in every way. We know that you have to live in your home while work progresses. Consequently, we do everything in our power to not disrupt your surroundings and routine. We always maintain access to one of your bathrooms and/or one of your bedrooms while we work on any other bathrooms, bedrooms, or spaces in your home so you are never without necessities. We isolate work areas from the rest of your home with plastic to reduce dust and debris. We protect all floor services where we need to traverse. And just to be sure we vacuum and clean where necessary everyday after we’ve completed a day’s work.

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