Independent Living Home Remodeling Solutions
exhibited once again, this time at the
Summer Home Design & Remodeling Show / Green San Diego Expo
San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA

Place your cursor here and scroll down to check out the photos from our latest show:

Corner Booth Overview
Our new corner booth showcasing our TruStone shower display.

TruStone Display Detail
Detail of our TruStone display.

TruStone Samples
Our brand new TruStone product is available in a
wide variety of stone and wood finishes.

Our Latest Brochures
Please contact us to receive a copy of our latest brochures.

Below are photos from some of our previous shows.

Shower Showcase
Our Central Shower Showcase

Expanded Show Space
Our Expanded Show Display Space


New Sorrento Stone Bath Tub
New Sorrento Stone Simulated Granite for Bath Tubs Complete
with Seamless Construction and Gelcoat Protective Finish


Sorrento Stone Shower Pan
Our New Sorrento Stone Simulated Granite for Textured Non-Slip
Shower Pans Complete with Gelcoat Protective Finish


Sorrento Stone Sink
Our Sorrento Stone Counter Top in Two-Tone Black and White

Low Rise Threshold Fixtures & Grab Bars
Showcasing the Importance of Low Threshold Shower Curbs and Grab Bars

Booth Overview
An Overview of Our Display Booth


Booth Close Up
Close-Up of Our Booth with a Toto Comfort Height Toilet on the Right


Sorrento Stone Shower
Our Sorrento Stone Shower Enclosure


Elegant Sorrento Stone
The Elegance of Sorrento Stone


Verde Black Counter
Our Sorrento Stone Counter Top in Verde Black


Vertical Banner Hans Grohe Fixtures
Hans Grohe Shower Fixtures